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Makie Dawson is one part freelance makeup artist, one part crafting witch, and one part mad scientist. She has experience in every field of the makeup industry from beauty to avant-garde glam to building and applying special effects makeup. Her background as a theater kid in high school and love for horror and fantasy movies inform her methods of makeup. Ever since she was young Makie's favorite go-to toy was the face paint kit. Her love for transforming through makeup has persisted into her adult life. 

Makie is fueled by her passion for boosting confidence and self-image positivity with makeup and her love for everything fantastical. Her love for makeup is only rivaled by her love for being a part of the creative process. She considers herself a "forever student," always eager to learn from others and build her knowledge and strategies with the continued advice from those around her. She has been lucky to have been mentored by some of the best in her field including Bill Corso, Ve Neill, and Sven Granlund. 

Makie is always looking for her next big challenge to conquer and looks forward to meeting and exceeding in her feild. 

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